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  • Why Shari’a compliant finance matters for CSP projects in the Gulf region

    Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power is growing its Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) portfolio rapidly within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

  • Weekly Intelligence Brief: February 9 - 16

    This week’s CSP Today news brief includes the following companies and organisations: Exergy Power, SolarReserve; ACS, Saeta Yield; Reliance Power, the Government of Rajasthan; North China Electric Power University, the Chinese Academy of Science.

  • Heatcrete or Molten Salt?

    This article is the first of The Expert Column Series, a space where two experts present their opinions on a topic proposed by CSP Today. This time, Juan Barragán (NEST AS) and Mark Schmitz (TSK Flagsol Engineering GmbH) discuss: Heatcrete or Molten Salt?

  • When will CSP take off in emerging markets?

    Many countries seem to have the ideal conditions for CSP: high DNI, vast stretches of empty land, and an urgent need for alternative energy sources. So why aren’t these markets adopting the only renewable energy technology that can produce power around the clock?

  • Weekly Intelligence Brief: February 2 - 9

    This week’s CSP Today news brief includes the following companies and organisations: Brenmiller Energy; Abengoa, EIG, APW1; Saeta Yield, ACS, Spanish Securities Exchange Commission; CSP Today, Mesia, ACWA Power.

  • Flux lab research gets KTH boost

    A Nordic solar flux laboratory at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden now offers CSP developers greater flexibility in carrying out new research.

  • Designing renewable contracts that value CSP storage

    As California ramps up its storage requirements, it has not included Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with integrated energy storage.

  • Could CSP compete for peaker power?

    CSP’s storage capabilities have traditionally been sold as a base-load or load-following package. But in some markets it might be worth saving energy for peak demand.

  • 600 MW of CSP being developed in South Africa

    Concentrated solar power (CSP) projects are advancing rapidly in South Africa, with government support for independent power producers (IPPs) and new interest from financiers and investors.

  • Weekly Intelligence Brief: January 26 - 2 February

    This week’s CSP Today news brief includes the following companies and organisations: NREL; IRENA; STEAG GmbH, the ICSID, Clifford Chance, Eiser Infrastructure, InfraRed, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, Antin Infrastructure Partners, Masdar, NextEra, Renergy; GIP, ACS.

  • Does wind plus storage pose a threat to CSP?

    CSP developers have traditionally feared competition from PV, but wind coupled with storage is potentially just as great a danger.

  • Increasing solar tower competitiveness: An analysis of different supercritical steam concepts

    The CSP industry is working intensively to improve its competitiveness and it has made great efforts, ranging from component manufacturing optimisation and lower parasitic consumption to higher cycle efficiency. These have indeed led to significant cost reductions over the last years.

  • Supply and ground measurement stations and services for a CSP Road Map and the establishment of commercial CSP plants in Namibia

    The CSP Technology Transfer for Electricity Generation in Namibia (CSP TT NAM) project aims to increase the share of renewable energies in the Namibian energy mix by developing the technological framework and conditions for the transfer and deployment of CSP technology for on-grid power generation.

  • Solar will soon compete directly with base load fossil fuels says ACWA’s CEO

    In just the first 2 weeks of January, Saudi power firm ACWA Power has already secured 550MW of solar projects in MENA, 350 MW CSP in Morocco and 200 MW PV in UAE.

  • Weekly Intelligence Brief: January 19 -26

    This week’s CSP Today news brief includes the following companies and organisations: Abengoa Yield, BrightSource Energy, Solar Trust of America, California Energy Commission; ANEST; KA CARE, Chatham House; Flabeg FE, ACWA Group; The Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden.


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