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  • CSP: An expensive or viable investment?

    This article is the second of The Expert Column Series, a space where two experts present their opinions on a topic proposed by CSP Today. This time, Simon Stevens (Bracewell & Guiliani) and Kevin Smith (SolarReserve) discuss the present sentiment toward the costs of CSP.

  • South Africa: Leading the way forward for CSP

    China, Sub-Saharan Africa and other emerging markets like India are expected to be the major contributors to emissions and energy demand growth in the coming decades.

  • Weekly Intelligence Brief: April 7 – 13

    This week’s CSP Today news brief includes the following companies and organisations: The Conservation Council of South Australia; Acciona, Sener, South African Department of Energy; KfW, Eskom.

  • An insider’s look at the MIST’s beam-down solar platform

    Dr. Nicolas Calvet, Assistant Professor at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), sheds light on recent developments at the 100 kW beam-down solar demonstration plant and the CSPonD project.

  • Executive Viewpoint: Dr. Nicolas Calvet, Assistant Professor at The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

    Dr. Nicolas Calvet also chairs the Masdar Institute Solar Platform and leads the Thermal Energy Storage Research Group.

  • Noor I in pictures

    Morocco’s first CSP plant is to be launched in the second semester of this year and CSP wanted to show you some of the most impressive pictures of the project.

  • How are CSP-related investments perceived by banks in the Gulf Region?

    CSP could play a big role in the Middle East in five years’ time, says top analyst, but financiers must be prepared to update their cost estimates on a yearly basis in order to keep pace with rapidly changing renewable energy (RE) markets.

  • Increasing CSP competitiveness in South Africa

    While the South African market has seen a significant increase in competitiveness in the concentrated solar power (CSP) realm, inflexible project parameters may hinder cost reduction.

  • Weekly Intelligence Brief: March 30 – April 7

    This week’s CSP Today news brief includes the following companies and organisations: India’s NTPC, NCPS; STT, King Saud University, Bosch Rexroth AG; Frankfurt School for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance and the OPWP.

  • The value of combining CSP with wind power

    Amid growing awareness of the value of combining different renewable energy sources, to what extent does it make sense to marry up CSP with wind?

  • Five things you need to know about community buy-in in Morocco

    Boris Schinke, policy officer at the German NGO Germanwatch, has just completed some compelling new research on the social impacts of CSP development in the MENA region: “Energy and development: Exploring the local livelihood dimension of the Noor I CSP project in Southern Morocco.”

  • Weekly Intelligence Brief: March 23 – 30

    This week’s CSP Today news brief includes the following companies and organisations: RayGen Resources, ARENA, Juye Solar, NDRC; Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas, CGN Delingha Solar Energy Corporation; Abengoa, EIG; IDB, Abengoa, the Harvard Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure.

  • Integration of CSP and PV: The way forward?

    Three projects combining CSP and PV technologies have been announced in Chile and South Africa over the last year. Developers involved indicate this integration offers significant advantages in terms of providing lower energy tariffs and securing grid stability.

  • How developers can make their projects bankable for CSP financiers?

    The most recent successful bidders for the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)-specific Window 3.5 announced in December 2014 are Kathu CSP and Redstone CSP projects. Window 3 CSP projects, Xina Solar One and Ilanga I, also achieved financial close in December.

  • NamPower senior delegation joins CSP Today South Africa 2015

    Margaret Mutschler , Head of Renewables and Power Generation at NamPower, the national power utility responsible for Namibia’s generation and transmission, will be participating at CSP Today South Africa 2015 (14-15 April, Cape Town).


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