Successful international partnerships

We caught up with ACWA Power’s President and CEO, Paddy Padmanathan, the CEO of SolarReserve, Kevin Smith, and the President of Estela, Luis Crespo to discuss the road to cost reduction and bid success.

Modern CSP companies are joining forces to make more competitive bids. This movement is critical in order for both new and existing players to succeed in the competitive international market. However, with limited international developers in the market, companies wishing to partner up with them must take into consideration their priorities in developing new projects.

In this exclusive analysis, CSP Today has spoken with ACWA Power’s President & CEO, Paddy Padmanathan, SolarReserve’s CEO, Kevin Smith, and ESTELA’s President, Luis Crespo to give you a breakdown of their partnership criteria, technology advancements, LCOE reduction priorities and target markets. Read carefully to ensure you make winning decisions and form part of our industry’s growth.

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